I am the face to Alex Soul Yoga and Soul Sistas Worldwide and I am very pleased that you are taking time to check out my web page. Alex Soul Yoga is all about travel and yoga, preferably both combined if possible.

Since several years I am a single female traveller all around the globe. My passion for travelling has grown ever since I first started and I would like to welcome you to join me on my trips and to become part of it. More about my journeys (coming soon)

I started with Yoga in 2013. Very soon after I first started I realized that Yoga is not just improving your body health and fitness, but also strengthens the mental health. The fact that yoga has such a big impact on the whole body really fascinated me and I couldn’t wait to get more into it. This is why I decided to absolve a yoga teacher training in 2014. You wanna know more? Click here (coming soon!)

Since I read the book I AM THAT GIRL‚ written by Alexis Jones, I decided to encourage women to stick together and to support one another. Because every woman deserves a holiday, I am offering journeys for women only– the SOUL SISTAS starting from 2017.  More about the SOUL SISTAS…

 Upcoming Events

NICARAGUA April 2019

Join us from 1st – 09th April 2019 on this incredible trip to Nicaragua! 


These adventures are still in progress and booking is not available yet. But you can get a sneak peak here. 

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